Gyroplane Instruction

Gyroplane Instruction

For those interested in obtaining their own Private Pilots Licence (Gyroplanes):

Instruction costs:

  • PPL(G) lesson: £140/hr + VAT
  • PPL(G) solo flight (school aircraft): £130/hr + VAT
  • Groundschool instruction: £40/hr + VAT

Owned Aircraft rate:

  • Flight instruction £80/hr + VAT
  • Groundschool instruction: £40/hr + VAT
  • Plus travel expenses (50p per mile) and £90 accommodation per night.

Note: Minimum 40 flying hours required for PPL(G)

In addition to the flight instruction, you will need to pass five CAA ground school exams in related subjects. These cost approximately £30 each. Our ground school instruction is designed to give you more than adequate knowledge to pass these exams.

Our insurance cover is comprehensive. We do not ask for a ‘bond’ when you fly solo in our aircraft. All we ask is that you sign an agreement to pay for the insurance excess (currently £750 max) should you cause damage to the aircraft.

TYRO Advanced Tutorials

For licenced Gyroplane pilots who wish to improve their knowledge and practice advanced techniques. Both tutorials include 60 minutes of ground school and 90 minutes of flight (Hobbs). Please allow 5 hours in total for each.

Navigation Tutorial

  • Medium Level Navigation planning
  • Low Level Navigation planning
  • Pinpoint Navigation techniques (selected target identification)
  • Lost Procedure
  • Mental Dead Reckoning (MDR) techniques
  • Airborne Diversion navigation


Low Flying Tutorial 

  • Low Level planning and considerations
  • Low Level flying techniques
  • Consideration of wind effects
  • Emergency handling and Defensive Flying
  • Airborne Diversion navigation


If you wish the tutorial(s) to be in your own aircraft/location, please contact Tyro Aviation to discuss.

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