Flying Instruction

Flying Instruction

Tyro Aviation can provide:

  • Gyroplane training for PPL (G) [Private Pilots Licence (Gyroplanes)]
  • Fixed Wing Instruction (Day and Night)
  • Aerobatics Instruction
  • Navigation Training
  • Military Rotary Wing Training
  • Military Search And Rescue Training
  • Crew Resource Management Training
  • Survival Training
  • Groundschool Instruction (Fixed Wing, Helicopters and Gyroplanes)
  • Flying Course syllabus writing and programming
  • Bespoke training in various skills can be arranged on discussion.
  • Seminars or individual training as required – just ask!

Flight instruction (FW): £70/hr + VAT (plus hire of aircraft)

Groundschool instruction: £40/hr + VAT (£48 inc VAT)

Aerobatics instruction (FW): £100/hr + VAT (plus hire of aircraft)

Night training (FW): £90/hr + VAT (plus hire of aircraft)

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