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Welcome to TYRO Aviation

Come Fly With Us!

Fun Flying Lessons Professional Flight School

Come Fly With Us!


Since first take-off in 1977, I haven’t lost any enthusiasm for flying and the exhilarating satisfaction it brings.

After retiring from over 30 years of military flying, split between fixed and rotary wing, I established TYRO Aviation with the support of my wife, Helen.

TYRO was formed to share my skills and knowledge with those who wish to learn to fly, or to improve their flying.
Whether instructing on elementary aircraft or advising military air forces on specialist techniques and procedures, TYRO Aviation is designed to impart over 10,500 hours of experience for the benefit of others.

We will also offer Gyroplane trial lessons, which are a great opportunity for experienced flyers and novices alike to try something new.

Take a look around our brand new website and please do get in touch to discuss how we can help you reach your aviation goals.

Ian ‘Arfur’ Bryant MBE – Flying Instructor and Consultant

What We Do

Gyroplane Experience Flights

Gyroplane Experience Flights

The Gyroplane is a truly amazing machine and is very safe, especially in the hands of a skilled pilot.  You will always remember this exhilarating experience of learning and fun!  Come fly with us:

Fun Flying Lesson: £125 (inc. VAT) – click here to order

A unique introduction to the joys of flying!

This is our basic trial lesson that manages to combine a busy, short flight with a huge amount of pure fun!

  • Meet at your choice of airfield (St Athan in South Wales or Henstridge in Somerset – contact for other options)
  • Safety brief
  • Aircraft induction
  • 20+ minutes airborne – with basic or advanced manoeuvres (your choice)
  • Certificate (hard copy)
  • Picture (digital copy)
  • click here to order

You should allow 2 hours total for this lesson

You may either sit in the front seat to learn more about the aircraft controls or the rear seat if you’d prefer to mostly just sit and enjoy the view.

Extended Flying Lesson: £185 (inc. VAT) – click here to order

Achieve more on your lesson with a longer flight. Enjoy more of the local area and challenge yourself to more advanced controls.

  • Meet at your choice of airfield (St Athan in South Wales or Henstridge in Somerset – contact for other options)
  • Safety brief
  • Aircraft induction
  • 40+ minute airborne – with advanced control
  • Certificate (hard copy)
  • Picture (digital copy)
  • click here to order

You should allow 2.5 hours total for this lesson

Bespoke flights for military or corporate customers: price on application. Contact Us

Video Footage of your flight can be provided for a small extra charge.


Why not make a day of it? Treat yourself or a loved one to an unforgettable experience. We have designed extended experience flights to some beautiful points of interest. Most of these include a much longer flight with a break for lunch. Plenty of time to truly get the most out of the incredible Gyroplane while enjoying spectacular views. If interested, please contact us to find out more about these great experiences (all prices include VAT and video footage from your trip):

(From St Athan, South Wales)

  • The Castles of South Wales – £395 – perfectly combine the fun of flying with the diverse history of Wales.
  • Gower Coast – £495 – exhilarating low-level flying along the beautiful coastline
  • Lundy Island – £645 – a unique opportunity to see the stunning National Trust island
  • Snowdonia – £895 – flying between the peaks and over lakes. We’re excited about this one.

(From Henstridge, Somerset)

  • Cheddar – £295 – Somerset’s key landmarks, including castles, Cheddar Gorge and Glastonbury Tor
  • Dorset – £395 – A trip around the beaches and coves along the Dorset South Coast.

(Please contact us to find out more or make a booking)

NB – We are based in Somerset and South Wales. However, for bookings of more than 4 people, we can arrange to bring a gyroplane to your nearest airfield to enable the experience to be in your local area. For 1-3 people, please discuss terms.

Terms and Conditions

Gyroplane Instruction

Gyroplane Instruction

For those interested in obtaining their own Private Pilots Licence (Gyroplanes):

Instruction costs:

  • PPL(G) lesson: £140/hr + VAT
  • PPL(G) solo flight (school aircraft): £130/hr + VAT
  • Groundschool instruction: £40/hr + VAT

Owned Aircraft rate:

  • Flight instruction £80/hr + VAT
  • Groundschool instruction: £40/hr + VAT
  • Plus travel expenses (50p per mile) and £90 accommodation per night.

Note: Minimum 40 flying hours required for PPL(G)

In addition to the flight instruction, you will need to pass five CAA ground school exams in related subjects. These cost approximately £30 each. Our ground school instruction is designed to give you more than adequate knowledge to pass these exams.

Our insurance cover is comprehensive. We do not ask for a ‘bond’ when you fly solo in our aircraft. All we ask is that you sign an agreement to pay for the insurance excess (currently £750 max) should you cause damage to the aircraft.

TYRO Advanced Tutorials

For licenced Gyroplane pilots who wish to improve their knowledge and practice advanced techniques. Both tutorials include 60 minutes of ground school and 90 minutes of flight (Hobbs). Please allow 5 hours in total for each.

Navigation Tutorial

  • Medium Level Navigation planning
  • Low Level Navigation planning
  • Pinpoint Navigation techniques (selected target identification)
  • Lost Procedure
  • Mental Dead Reckoning (MDR) techniques
  • Airborne Diversion navigation


Low Flying Tutorial 

  • Low Level planning and considerations
  • Low Level flying techniques
  • Consideration of wind effects
  • Emergency handling and Defensive Flying
  • Airborne Diversion navigation


If you wish the tutorial(s) to be in your own aircraft/location, please contact Tyro Aviation to discuss.

Flying Instruction

Flying Instruction

Tyro Aviation can provide:

  • Gyroplane training for PPL (G) [Private Pilots Licence (Gyroplanes)]
  • Fixed Wing Instruction (Day and Night)
  • Aerobatics Instruction
  • Navigation Training
  • Military Rotary Wing Training
  • Military Search And Rescue Training
  • Crew Resource Management Training
  • Survival Training
  • Groundschool Instruction (Fixed Wing, Helicopters and Gyroplanes)
  • Flying Course syllabus writing and programming
  • Bespoke training in various skills can be arranged on discussion.
  • Seminars or individual training as required – just ask!

Flight instruction (FW): £70/hr + VAT (plus hire of aircraft)

Groundschool instruction: £40/hr + VAT (£48 inc VAT)

Aerobatics instruction (FW): £100/hr + VAT (plus hire of aircraft)

Night training (FW): £90/hr + VAT (plus hire of aircraft)



Specialist knowledge and experience in:

  • Flying Syllabus writing
  • Search And Rescue training – ground and air
  • Night Vision Devices training
  • Navigation training
  • Programme writing
  • Operational planning
  • Groundschool Instruction – all flying-related subjects

As a consultant I can plan, write and teach courses in:

  • Elementary Flying (Fixed Wing, Civilian and Military)
  • Basic Flying (Rotary Wing, Military)
  • Search And Rescue Flying (Military)
  • Groundschool Training (Military)
  • CRM Training (Civilian and Military)
  • Survival Training (Civilian and Military)

Contact Us to Discuss Your Needs


“Quite simply, one of the best aviation experiences you can have, from one of the most amiable and professional pilots. Thanks Ian for the adventure”

Neville J, Cumbria

“Fantastic fun, hugely professional and a brilliant instructor. I would recommend TYRO Aviation to anyone who is interested in flying!”

Matt L, Swansea

“Flying in the gyro was so much fun!”

Elise M, Surrey

“An exhilarating experience. Loads of fun! I felt completely at ease with Arfur in control.”

Chris B, London

Chris B, London


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